I have been in love with art of all forms since I remember.  I began performing when I was four, and wasn't much older when I set up a face painting booth at my parents' orchard and charged 25 cents to paint apples and Twins logos on customers' faces.  My work is often inspired by high fashion and entertainment, and I use art as a tool to help inform my work in front of the camera.  My art has been described by artist Maria Tomasula as "post-ironic fantastical hyperrealism."  I trained at The University of Notre Dame and received my B.A. in studio art and performing arts.  If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be inside a Monet painting.  Until that day, I work and live in Los Angeles.


I was born to create.  Some particular areas where I feel inspired are depicting the human form in oil paint or a fashion illustration, and making impressions in paper with vintage letterpress.  There's something about the buttery consistency of oil paint breathing life into a blank panel, and the kiss of lead type onto cotton paper that make my heart flutter.  


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